A Really-Truly Princess

How can you tell if you
are a REALLY-TRULY Princess?

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When Rosellen receives a book of fairy tales as a birthday gift, she decides to use its stories as a guide for her own life. From enchanted frogs to lost slippers to hundred-year naps, Rosellen wants to be a really-truly Princess just like the ones she reads about in her book.

Follow Rosellen through five fairy-tale inspired escapades as she discovers that real life problems can't always be solved in story-book style--even if you are a Princess!

A Really-Truly Princess is illustrated throughout with charming pen-and-ink drawings, making it an excellent read-aloud for Princesses young and old.
don't forget the companion COLORING BOOK!
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This companion coloring book contains 50 illustrations from the book A Really-Truly Princess. Now you can color along as you read about Princess Rosellen's not-quite-fairytale adventures!

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