My Graphic Novel Planner

Track, Plot, and Thumbnail a 100 page 6" x 9" Graphic Novel!

Book Description

Do you want to write a comic book or graphic novel?

My Graphic Novel Planner includes 160 pages of resources and sketch pages to help you do just that! It's the perfect place for graphic novel creators to organize their plans, and makes a great gift for kids with a story to tell!

• Personalize the Cover to Match Your Project

• Progress Tracker & Monthly Goals

• A Story Outline Guide

• 20 Pages for Notes

• 19 Character & Environment Reference Sheets

• 100 Graphic Novel Thumbnail Pages with Notes

• 2:3 Aspect Ratio for a finished size of 6"x9"

• Smooth White 55# Paper

• Drawing Pages Printed on One Side Only

• 4 Customizable Panel Templates

The white matte cover can be drawn on with permanent markers or pens, so you can personalize the cover and make the book even more your own!

Helpful hints are included for plotting your story, and there's plenty of space for story and illustration notes. Each section is marked with a handy side tab so you can quickly find your place!

Many blank comic books have pre-drawn panels, but My Graphic Novel Planner has customizable templates so you can create exactly the panels your story needs!

The pages are 8.5" x 11" so you have plenty of space to work, while the blank comic book thumbnail outlines are a 2:3 aspect ratio, which scales up perfectly to a 6" x 9" page. Thumbnail pages are printed on one side only, so you can cut the pages out and rearrange them if you need to.